How Much do Used Tires Cost?

Rayan Used Tire Wholesale distributes tens of thousands of tires per month to over 200 customers in Florida, the Southeast and other parts of the world. Our pricing is exclusive to tire dealers and resellers, and is based on volume. In other words, the more tires you purchase, the more discount you receive. Our pricing is also very competitive. To find out, please visit our get a quote page and request a custom quote for a tire package that best fits your needs.

What sizes of used tires do you sell?

We stock a wide variety of sizes in our warehouse to ensure that our customers specific needs are met. We realize that different markets demand different tire sizes, which is why we package our used tires in 3 different size mixes. A 70 / 30 mix is good choice if your market demands the smaller tire diameters, like 14″, 15″ and 16″ tires. A 50 / 50 mix is good if your used tire demand is evenly spread between passenger vehicles and SUVs. And a 30 / 70 mix is optimized for markets that demand a larger tire diameter, for SUVs and Light Trucks.

How much remaining tread is on your used tires?

Our used tires are individually inspected to ensure only the best grade and quality is made available to our customers. We strive to offer used tires with a minimum of 4/32″ remaining tread.

Is there a minimum quantity required per order?

Yes. For local pickup, we ask that you purchase at least 100 used tires to ensure you get the best possible wholesale price. For shipped orders, we require a minimum of 500 used tires per order.

Can I customize my order?

Unfortunately, and due to the limited supply of quality used tires, we no longer allow order customization.

Do you offer shipping and local delivery?

Yes. We have partnered up with a few shipping companies to offer you reliable shipping services at a competitive cost. We will gladly arrange for shipping anywhere in the World. We are in the process of setting up a local delivery service and should have something in place soon.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Accepted methods of payment are cash, business checks and wire transfers. We no longer accept credit cards.

What is your return/refund policy?

We do not accept returns, nor do we give refunds. However, we will apply credit to future orders for rejected tires.

Do you provide samples of your used tires?

No. The condition of our used tires vary from 40% to 80% remaining tread. Therefore, it is impossible to provide a sample that would accurately represent the quality of our used tires.